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Harley and Ivy 4
Harley and Ivy: the problem with pies
Part 4
Outside the pie factory
Cheetah, the sleek cat like humanoid, padded silently through dark alleyway coming up to the pie factory. She looked around once or twice to make sure she was not followed, then ran up to the door.
"It's about time." A voice from behind Cheetah spoke, she turned around to see a tall redhead in a pink toga standing there. "I was about to go in without you."
"I almost didn't come, I've had… bad experiences working with teams before. That's why I declined re joining the Injustice gang when Ariesia rebuilt it."
"Well I don't think we'll have any large problems here. Let's go in."
Giganta walked past Cheetah and opened the door, then the pair of female criminals walked in.
"Hello? Anyone here?" Giganta yelled as they walked through the darkened factory. Cheetah just glared at her.
"What's wrong with you? You trying to get us killed?"
"Oh don't worry, were in no danger, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy don't even have special po
:iconmeanbeanmachinez:MeanBeanMachinez 99 24
Harley and Ivy 3
Harley and Ivy: the problem with pies
Part 3
Three weeks after the end of part 2
Tokyo airport.
The young girl got off the plane, bowing to the stewardess as she did. As she walked into the crowd, she looked around and smiled, adjusting her shades.
Ace had always wanted to see Japan, it was a childhood dream of hers, and she often read travel brochures that Queen and Ten managed to sneak into the military base in the rare moments she didn't have that infernal scrambling headband on.
But here she was, In the land of the rising son, she had her freedom, she had her health…
And she was a total sitting duck.
On the top of a skyscraper in Tokyo, five female figures watched ace through binoculars.
"I don't see why Harley hired all five of us to kidnap one girl." Said Livewire, lowering her binoculars.
"Don't be fooled, according to what Quinn told us, she's one of the most powerful telepaths in the known world, even better than that stinking Martain." Said Tsukuri, the red armored lady samur
:iconmeanbeanmachinez:MeanBeanMachinez 98 5
Harley and Ivy chapter 1
Harley and Ivy: the problem with Pies.
Part 1:
(Note, this takes place in the animated DCU, after the events of the JL episode "wild cards")
Harley Quinn walked dejectedly into the abandoned factory and slumped down in an easy chair, when she did, her pet hyena's got up and padded over, nuzzling there depressed owner.
It had been a cinch for Harley to escape Arkham, with most of the Justice league either busy or recovering from the battle with the royal flush gang, there was no one available to recapture her.
Not that they would try anyway, it was a widely accepted fact that Harley was second Banana material; only dangerous if paired with a genuine criminal like Poison Ivy or…
"Mr. J." Harley choked out, holding back tears, she had planned to spring the joker when she escaped, but thanks to that psychic witch Ace her beloved Puddin had a brain that was little more than Puddin.
Ace! Harley's thoughts returned to that abnormal freak, it was all HER fault! Not only did she lure Mr. J away
:iconmeanbeanmachinez:MeanBeanMachinez 164 19
Harley and Ivy 2
Harley and Ivy: the problem with pies
Part 2:
"Ooh…" Ivy groaned as she slowly came too, looking around, she saw that she was in a tastelessly decorated Bedroom, Harley was nowhere to be seen.
Ivy got up and staggered over to a nearby wall mirror and looked at herself, she was dressed in a red nightgown that was several times too big for her, opening the nightgown she noticed she was wearing only her bra and panties underneath.
That didn't surprise her, what did surprise her was the fact he stomachs was still bloated from last nights gorging.
Blushing, Ivy closed her nightgown and started looking around, thinking about last night. Once she had accepted Harley's pie's, she spent the rest of the night pigging out on the irresistible goodies with Harley until she fell asleep, heavy and bloated. But that was not important, finding her clothes was.
Walking down the halls of the factory's upper levels (which had been converted into a living area) Ivy heard whistling and running water coming
:iconmeanbeanmachinez:MeanBeanMachinez 104 5
Susan and Air Tank Girl. by FTO-Sete Susan and Air Tank Girl. :iconfto-sete:FTO-Sete 186 26 Kim grown up by Jeepika Kim grown up :iconjeepika:Jeepika 590 50
Mature content
Pudding Part 1 :iconjosephcole2002fafafa:Josephcole2002FAFAFA 83 6


How about a little GenderBender of the Racist EarthMan from LSH!
A little GenderBender of The Legion of Subs....FireLad!Kept the general colors but MY design.
NightGirl(Fit 2)
This 1 took a bit of work.She started out wearing a full body one piece bathingsuit with a turtleneck collar.All the trace/cut & fill was done with GIMP.Then I added the cleavage & emblem from other pics.
PliaBelle(Eve O'Brien)
I give to you another GenderBender from the All-Star Squadron & Freedom Fighters.Male version better known as PlasticMan!
OK it's been more than a week but my 2nd Halloween story has been posted.It's actually a sequel to the 1st one.There are a few hints in the story itself as to it's eventual ending.Let's see if you catch them before the end....Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!


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I enjoy trying my hand occasionally at writing.I do stories & poetry.I'm now doing superhero art work using a couple different programs to create & edit.Won't claim to be great at any of it but I enjoy what I do.It can sometimes be a stress reliever.I don't have a website but I have posted a bit on other sites.



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